CO2 concentrations top 400 ppm/month in Northern Hemisphere

The World Mete­o­ro­log­i­cal Orga­ni­za­tion  reports that : “For the first time, monthly con­cen­tra­tions of car­bon diox­ide (CO2) in the atmos­phere topped 400 parts per mil­lion (ppm) in April through­out the north­ern hemi­sphere. This thresh­old is of sym­bolic and sci­en­tific sig­nif­i­cance and rein­forces evi­dence that the burn­ing of fos­sil fuels and other human activ­i­ties are respon­si­ble for the con­tin­u­ing increase in heat-trapping green­house gases warm­ing our planet.”

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